Term Schorlarship to Pupils in Uganda

For Caprecon, we have taken it as an obligation to bring basic education to the remotest of places and to the most desperate of children. In Uganda, John Joshua Gibu, our man, is helping to spread this message. It is education that will make these kids understand and find their place in the world.

At Caprecon, we are on an emancipation mission to eradicate conflict, poverty and injustice in the world and our most potent tool is Education. With education, the world we live in can only get better. It is a universal truth that violence begets more violence. Every battle that have ever been won or lost ended on the negotiating table on the long run. Our table of negotiation with the recent treats to peaceful co-existence amongst people of the world is education.


We join the United Nations, UNESCO and other world leading organizations to ensure that education reaches the most remote of places, especially in Africa, and that all children be given the fundamental right to literacy. If the narrative of third world countries is to change in the future, if visionary individuals are to emerge as leaders in the future, then they must be spoon fed from the Golden platter of education today.

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