Nigerian In Diaspora: Changing Lives For Good Back Home| Upfront News Mag

Caprecons Founder; Dollin Holt was recently featured in topmost Nigerian news mag, Upfront News. The indept interviews was published on their website. Below are excrepts from the conversation.

Dollin Holt.The youths, hmm. Access to good education and training, a sense of patriotism, and a reorientation towards believing in the country, believing that their destinies are linked to Nigeria and its growth.

Presently, there is apathy, the young ones are looking elsewhere: going abroad by all means. And finally, a cultivation of work ethic.

The idea that you can make quick money has led to a number of young people indulging in all sorts of crime and I can’t even begin to name them: from kidnapping, cultism, ritual killings; too bad. It is a tragedy.

UFN.  Majority Of Nigerians have this perception that, traveling overseas makes them instant millionaires and that the street of London or NewYork  is paved with gold..How true is this

Dollin Holt.It is the biggest lie ever fact the biggest myth ever peddled.

The idea that you can make money abroad. Yes, with a good education, and luck on your side, you could find a good job, earn good money and live a decent life. But even that is not guaranteed. We need to deconstruct the myth that money grows on trees here. Don’t forget that there are poor people here, too.”

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