“It is to the Children we Must Turn” CAPRECON ON INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE 2018

Yesterday, the world celebrated the The International Day Of Peace. There were events in the halls of major cities in the world to celebrate this great day. But today, we hope that the messages of hope and peace reaches places of unrest and violence across the world.

At Caprecon, we insist that violence and wars are self-defeating. They have never solved a problem. Instead, they have caused more misery, hurt, pain and trauma. They have maimed and killed our children. War and violence, we reiterate, are no solutions. They are hopeless as they are dangerous.

Yet hope is not lost. We can look up to our children for a solution. They can create a culture of peace if we insist on Peace Education being in the Education curricula of schools across the world.

As Dollin Holt, the founder of Caprecon stated, if we must create a world of peace, it is to the children we must turn. We must inculcate a mindset of peace in them through peace education: teaching them the values of tolerance, respect, peaceful co-existence, love, kindness, friendship and empathy. Our generation and the ones before us failed to priorities these values and thus enabled a world of distrust, division and tension.
If we must find lasting peace in this world, it is to the children we must turn.

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