Fresh Nationwide Campaign to Address Increase in Cases of Child Abuse in Nigeria

Following the recent increase in cases of Child Abuse in Nigeria, particularly in the wake of the nationwide outcry for justice in the case of Late Ochanya, a 13 year old victim of rape in middle-belt Nigeria, Caprecon International Development Foundation in partnership with Greatminds Organization has launched a fresh campaign to help sensitize the general public against the evil that is child Abuse and the various forms in which the demon rears its ugly head in today’s society. 

Speaking to our correspondent, the convener Miss Akor Joy Ene who doubles as the founder of Greatminds Organisation; the primary vehicle of this movement explained the reason behind the campaign. She said:

“We have waged a #WarAgainstChildABuse and #WACA is our motto. There is no going back at this point. We will turn tables with this campaign and we wont stop there. It is very sad that with the level of literacy in Nigeria and exposure of her citizens, coupled with her age long cultural values, that one still wakes up every morning to the news of infants been raped. At first, everyone related these happenings to be the work of occult fellows whose diabolic rites include such inhumane and barbaric libations to foreign gods, but with the increase in the cases, we have come to realize that not only diabolic men engage in this, but also lay individuals in today’s society are also pedophiles in sheep clothing. Take for an instance, the Head of Department in a certain Nigerian University raping a child of eight for close to 5 good years.

Speaking further she says: “Every day you walk the streets, you see children hawking goods when they ought to be in school grooming for the future, and what about middle class citizens who go to villages to bring children of relatives to the city centers all in the name of training them, only to turn these innocents once into slaves. The scenarios are endless. The government has failed the people, and we cannot wait for them any longer, it is we that it affects and it is only us that can stop it. We have launched this campaign as our corporate social responsibility. Through this, we hope to sensitize as many individuals as possible on ways to seek redress when they fall victims to such callosities and also to parents and guardians on the various ways they abuse the rights of children without them knowing. We seek this opportunity to call on well meaning Nigerians and Citizens of the world to join us and put an end to this. As the Noble Laureate Wole Soyinka rightly puts it ‘The man is dead in him who is silent in the face of tyranny,.

The Campaign is expected to run throughout the year 2019, with each month having a special activity which will involve visits to Schools, Churches, Market Places and other social centers. It will also involve formal gatherings like seminars, workshops and conferences. 

Akor Emmanuel Oche for Caprecon.

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