Caprecon Partners with Nigerian Based Non Profit to Sponsor Two Public School Children

Caprecon has set June 30, 2018, to adopt two public school children in Nigeria through a partnership with Child Development and Concern Foundation (CDCF). This was announced on May 18, 2018, by Caprecon Founder, Dollin Holt.  He stated that a partnership platform called Caprecon-CDCF for Child Education would be created to allow Caprecon actively sponsor children through CDCF’s ADOPT A SCHOOL CHILD Programme.

In his words “It is a milestone for Caprecon as we share the same belief that every child deserves to be in school.

CDCF shares a common philosophy with Caprecon which is: DEVELOPMENT CANNOT BE SEPARATED FROM EDUCATION.”

Since inception, Caprecon has been actively involved in sponsoring the education of children, including the provision of scholarships, uniforms, books, desks and other educational materials to underfunded schools in Africa.

The purpose of this partnership is to create more opportunities for public school children in Nigeria to have increased access to textbooks, notebooks, stationaries and better quality of education.

CDCF is a Nigerian based non-profit founded by Alhaji Iskil Yussuf. It is committed to supporting poor children in public primary and secondary schools to acquire quality education through the ADOPT A SCHOOL CHILD Programme.

The Adopt a School Child programme allows individuals and organizations to sponsor the education of intelligent less privileged children in Nigeria. The sponsorship is limited to catering strictly for the educational needs of the child.

Dollin Holt, further stated that Caprecon is working tirelessly to ensure children get better access to quality education and a better future.

He added that the long-term plan is to build as many schools as possible, especially in rural places, where local populations are deprived of education.


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