Caprecon BACK-TO-SCHOOL Project

It is in line with the Foundations core educational mandate that we have embarked once again on a mission to send s much students as we can back to school. Education is the bedrock of societies, the fight for a sane society begins from the liberation of the mind and this can only be achieved through education.

According to UNICEF, over 5.5 million girls are out-of-school. 40% women and 28% men have never attended school (NPC, 2009), nearly two-thirds of women in the North West and North East regions have no education, compared to less than 15% in the South South (ibid.). The Net Enrolment Rate at primary school level is 56% for girls and 61% for boys (UNESCO, 2014), Drop-out rates are highest at the sixth grade of primary school and higher among girls than boys (NPC, 2009).

It’s such a sad thing in our world today that children have to suffer what they never really bargained for. You can imagine a young girl who has been abandoned and left in the care of an old woman that is not even her own grandmother, as a result that she is not well taken care of and food is a luxury to her that she can barely afford.

Also here is a younger boy that is being neglected in his sick state because a mother wouldn’t take responsibility in the absence of the father to her son. Most of these children do not have uniforms, some go to school in a sorry state, listening to their stories will really breaks the heart.

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