Out Reach to Destitute Community in Burundi

At Caprecon, our determination to reach out to the very poor, to the desperately disadvantaged, in the remotest of places is boundless. Here in this remote village in Burundi, our man Emmanuel is reaching out to these kids with study materials, bringing a smile to their faces. A tragic irony of our time is that kids from richer and developed parts of the world treat education with less enthusiasm, while those from poorer countries with less opportunity are desperate for it, for they know that it is their only way out of the shackles of poverty and ignorance.

Education remains the bedrock for growing our individual societies and the world at large. No nation can attain the height of industrialization and civilization it longs for if its educational system is not well established. It is true that it is the individuals that build up the society and the quality of those individuals, intellectually and otherwise, will be the building block upon which the society stands. The society is only a reflection of the individuals that inhabit it.

The need for sound and quality education, especially in third world countries cannot be over emphasized, but how can one learn, and how can learning be fun, if the condition under which knowledge is been traded for time spent is not conducive enough. And how can learning be said to occur, if they are inadequate learning materials to back up word with action. A lot still remain undone in the sphere of learning, and as a collective effort, if mankind is to grew in this age and the ones to come, it must see the need to make education a priority.

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